Abnormal cap screws, special and drawing screws as well as bolts and nuts

Cold and hot formed or forged screws

For your special applications and developments, you will receive tailor-made threaded bolts, threaded rods, stud bolts, welding ends, welding studs and drawing parts from us according to drawings or samples in all sizes from 8 mm to 600 mm in diameter and a length of up to 12,000 mm.

These can be, for example, standardized and abnormal head screws, special and drawing screws as well as bolts and nuts. Our products are used in a wide variety of areas where the highest demands are placed on the product and material.

Our specialists will find the right solution for all areas of application and industries.

  • Standardized as well as abnormal head screws
  • Special and drawing screws
  • bolt
  • nuts

Cold or hot worked, forged or turned.

Chemical and petrochemical industry, pressure vessel, boiler and plant construction, power plant and air conditioning technology, energy generation through fusion (ITER), hydropower and wind, valve, pump and fitting construction, offshore, oil and gas production, engine and mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and marine technology, fusion and nuclear research, environmental and REA technology, measurement, control and vacuum technology, paper industry, agricultural and agricultural machinery construction, steel construction.

Dimensional ranges
maximum length up to 12,000 mm
max. processing diameter up to 600 mm

Thread versions
Metric, inch, UNC, UNF, trapezoidal, tubular, round, wood or left-hand thread.

Heat treatment
Various hardening processes.

External hexagon, internal hexagon, internal spline or according to customer specification.

Subsequent editing options
Turning, milling, bending, drilling, grinding, polishing.

Material versions
All structural steels, tempered steels, precipitation-hardening ferritic-pearlitic steels, stainless steels, high-strength steels, others on request.

Raw, machined, electrogalvanized, hot-dip galvanized, phosphated, thick layer passivated, zinc flake coating, PTFE as well as according to customer specifications.

Available standards (excerpt)
EN 14399-3 HR Bolts, EN 14399-4 HV Bolts, EN 15048, EN 14399-10 TCB Bolts, DIN 6914/5/6, DIN 7991, DIN 912, DIN 931, EN ISO 4014, DIN 933, EN ISO 4017 , DIN 960, EN ISO 8765, DIN 961, DIN 975 – DIN 976, DIN 938 – DIN 939, DIN 7979 cylindrical pins form a-b-c-d, DIN 444 eye bolts, DIN 186 hammer head bolts, DIN 934 – ISO 4032 nuts, A193 B18 2.1 hexagon bolts UNC- UNF, Anchor Bolts Form J L

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