We deliver your special parts according to requirements: Collar studs, parts with shoulder, stepped bores as well as parts with female/male threads

Cold extrusion parts (cold formed parts): precision formed connecting elements at a low unit price

The automotive industry, mechanical engineering and other high-tech industries have a strong demand for precision formed connecting elements of any different kinds. At the same time, these parts are subject to high price pressure.

Thanks to our highly modern cold forming and extrusion technology, we can also manufacture complex parts which, in the past, could only be produced at great effort and expense on lathes, as low-cost cold extrusion or cold formed parts – already for batch sizes from 30,000 pieces.

We specialise in collar studs, parts with shoulder, stepped bores as well as parts with female and male threads – in steel, high-grade steel, brass, copper or light metals.

For smaller batch sizes, we recommend the manufacture of low-cost blanks as cold extrusion parts. The respective special forms are produced by further cutting processes.

Metric screws
according to drawing or DIN

Thread rolling screws according to DIN 7500
All common head types and drives

Thread tapping screws according to DIN 7513 – DIN 7516
All common head types and drives

PT screws for plastics
according to drawing or based on existing international and national standards

Hollow rivets,. solid rivets, bolts
In all common designs as hollow or solid pressings

Press-in screws, welded bolts, welded screws
Both DIN and special and drawing parts

Multi-step parts/step bolts
All special and drawing parts

Forming takes place on extruders without heating, in one or several stages, for solid parts and for hollow parts. Screws and bolts in double-stroke and multi-stroke range.

Cold extrusion parts, resp. Cold formed parts: Low-cost production for batch sizes from 30,000 pieces. Also suitable as blanks for further cutting processes for special parts. All products are sorted machine-compatibly on request. Criteria and PPM figures can be defined commonly.

Wide selection of geometries
High complexity
Production according to drawing specification
Low unit prices

Collar studs, parts with shoulder, stepped bores, female thread parts, male thread parts, special screws, step bolts for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrical industry etc.

a. Materials
All common. Steel, high-grade steel A2 and A4, brass, copper, aluminium and other light metals

b. Strength classes
4.8 – 10.9

c. Thread types
All common

d. Drive types
All common. PZ – PH – TX – slot – combi-slot and special solutions such as safety drives

e. Head types
All common.

f. Dimensions
Thread diameter 2,0 – 24 mm
Length up to 300 mm

g. Additional processings
End processing: Shank slot, oval half dog point, coned half dog point, long dog point or other as required

h. Surfaces
All common. Galvanised (CrVI-free, RoHS-conform), nickel-plated, chromatised, Delta-Tone and Seal, Dacromet, Geomet etc. according to automotive and electrical industry specifications (VDA standard)

i. Coatings
Thread locks, thread seals (e.g. Tuflok, ScotchGrip, Precote, Loctite, wax coatings).

j. Heat treatment
All common. Annealing, carbonitriding, drawing, tempering, case hardening. Others on request

k. Batch sizes
from 30,000 pcs.
Smaller quantities by agreement

l. Documentations
All possible documentations for first sampling are available: Standard ISIR as cover sheet sampling; VDA Volume 2 Level 0-3; PPAP Level 1-3.

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