OEB Quality Management

Our efforts are directed towards the most comprehensive and rapid realization of TQM (Total Quality Management) for all company divisions and employees. This is supported by our corporate policy principles and our quality policy principles. We use the most modern quality techniques in order to provide our customers with

  • High product quality
  • In time delivery
  • Customer services
  • Competent customer advice

The avoidance of errors (zero-defect philosophy) and the continuous improvement process of procedures, processes, products and services is a commitment of all employees. In addition, a select group of employees from all areas work with great commitment and success in special groups and working groups.

Customer satisfaction is our aim

Our quality management system was already certified in 1997 (ISO 9002). In the course of re-certification, we were audited and certified according to the process-oriented ISO 9001 (2000) in June 2003, according to ISO 9001 (2008) in June 2011 and according to the new ISO 9001 (2015) in June 2017.

On the basis of continuous testing of the effectiveness of quality-relevant activities, the organization and methods of quality management in our company are constantly adapted to the latest findings and requirements.

The following statistical methods are used to control, optimize and direct processes at Eichhoff:

  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Proof of testing
  • Records of periodic inspections
  • Capability studies

The company applies procedures for supplier assessment, process optimization and control, and final inspection. Our quality department is comprehensively and state-of-the-art equipped. Our carefully selected suppliers are integrated into our QM system and are audited by us at regular intervals.

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