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During re-machining, a cutting tool is used to remove material from a workpiece in order to shape or surface it as required.

We offer re-machining (turning, twisting) as wage work.

The following machining operations we offer:

  • Turn thin stem, pins and tips
  • Screw punctures, approaches and undercuts
  • Heads of screws / cold shaped parts machining process (turning)
  • further machining operations are possible on request.

Our curve-controlled automatic Audrema lathes offer you further possibilities of finishing cold-moulded parts. These automatic lathes are designed to achieve maximum precision and reproducibility at high throughputs. Short loading and unloading times permit economical production of medium-sized and large series.

Possible materials:

Regular steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, light metals.

We produce flexibly according to your drawings and specifications. Contact us for further details.

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