We supply thin and long screws as reduced shank screws (DIN 7964) with reduced shank, thin shank or machined shank.

Reduced shank screws according to DIN 7964 and machined, also in small batch sizes

Reduced shank screws and long shank screws have a shank between head and thread which is thinner than the thread. They offer the possibility of dismantling parts in such a way that the screws are left hanging in the part and cannot be lost. By machining blanks, we can also manufacture small batch sizes with different shank lengths at low cost.

  • DIN 7964 reduced shank screws
  • Long shank screws

Reduced shank screws are usually manufactured by machining of blanks (metric screws for example).

Low-cost manufacture of different types also in smaller batch sizes by machining

a. Materials
All common: Steel, high-grade steel A2 and A4, brass, copper, aluminium and other light metals

c. Thread types
All common

d. Drive types
All common: PZ – PH – TX – slot – combi-slot and special solutions such as safety drives

e. Head types
All common

f. Dimensions
Thread diameter 1.6 – 24 mm
Length up to 300 mm

g. Additional processings
End processing: Shank slot, oval half dog point, coned half dog point, long dog point or other as required

h. Surfaces
All common: galvanised (CrVI-free, RoHS-conform), nickel-plated, chromatised, Delta-Tone and Seal, Dacromet, Geomet etc. according to automotive and electrical industry specifications (VDA standard)

i. Coatings
Thread locks, thread seals (e.g. Tuflok, ScotchGrip, Precote, Loctite, wax coatings).
Samples according to VDA , PPAP on request

j. Heat treatment
All common: Annealing, carbonitriding, drawing, tempering, case hardening. Others on request

l. Documentations
Available on demand for first sampling: Standard ISIR as cover sheet sampling; VDA Volume 2 Level 0-3; PPAP Level 1-3.

Metric screws

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