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Otto Eichhoff GmbH & Co. KG (OEB) has been manufacturing screws for 100 years. In the course of market globalisation we have been purchasing products on the world market for some years because this is cheaper. But we are still manufacturing special screws which demand great manufacturer know-how. Our know-how enables us to offer our customers the required quality at favourable market prices – regardless of whether we produce ourselves or purchase elsewhere.

Overview of the OEB screw range

Our range of screws is principally available in all materials. We also supply nuts, washers, etc. of course

Please see the following product pages for details – or simply call us!

Metric thread screws including nuts and washers

  • M2 x 10 – M24 x 650 by means of cold forming
  • Up to M30 x 1000 by means of hot forming
  • According to DIN, EN and ISO standards and according to drawing or sample


  • From a wire diameter of 0.6 mm
  • Metric screws
  • Thread rolling screws
  • Thread tapping screws

Self-tapping screws

  • Thread diameter 1.6 – 24 mm
  • Length up to 300 mm
  • ST 2.9 x 19 mm – ST 6.3 x 160 / 80 mm
  • Thread up to max. 80 mm in length
  • According to DIN, EN and ISO standards and according to drawing or sample
  • Wide selection of self-tapping screws steel, case-hardened, galvanised on stock

Thin sheet screws

Flow-drilling screws form metric nut threads without chips, true to gauge. Part preparation such as pre-drilling, piercing or punching is often unnecessary.

Plastic screws and connecting technology made of plastic

  • Plastic screws from M3 x 20 mm to M10 x 60 mm
  • Plastic nuts from M3
  • Plastic knurled thumb screws DIN 653 from M3
  • Plastic cross-hole screws DIN 404 from M3 x 20 mm
  • Plastic set screws DIN 551 from M3
  • Washers, caps, spacers or plastic moulded articles of all kinds made from all plastics (granulates) available on the market
Thread rolling screws for direct screwing into plastics (thermoplastics and duroplastics)

Thread rolling screws for plastics

  • Length 3 – 160 mm
  • Thread diameter 1.6 – 10 mm
  • Thread up to max. 60 mm in length
  • Thread flank 30° degrees (OEB-Plast 30°)
  • Thread flank 60° degrees (OEB-Plast 60°)

Thread rolling screws according to DIN 7500

  • Length: 4 – 50 mm
  • Diameter: 2 – 10 mm
  • Thread up to max. 50–60 mm in length (OEB-Tap)
  • for die-casts, zinc or aluminium

Thread tapping screws according to DIN 7513 – DIN 7516

  • M3 x 20 mm – M10 x 160 mm
  • Thread up to max. 50–60 mm in length (OEB-Tap)
  • for die-casts, zinc or aluminium

Self-drilling screws according to DIN 7504

Drilling, thread cutting and screwing in one action, e.g. to screw sheet sections to steel substructures.

Reduced shank screws, long shank screws

We supply thin and long screws as reduced shank screws with reduced shank, thin shank or machined shank.

Weld screws

Weld screws and weld bolts are used where high breaking torques are required.

Sonderschrauben-Special-screwsKaltfliesspressteile cold-extrusion-parts

Special fasteners

Special screws and special bolts: Diameters Ø 1,6 – M120, Lengths up to  6000 mm

All screws are available in these specifications:

All materials, e.g.:

  • Machine steel (11SMn30Pb)
  • Brass (CuZn alloys)
  • High-grade steel A2–1.4301
  • Aluminium

3.6 – 12.9

Sämtliche Gewindeformen, wie z. B.

All thread types, e.g.:

  • Metric
  • Thread rolling (DIN 7500)
  • Thread tapping (DIN 7513–7516)
  • KTG screws for direct screwing into plastics
  • With-Worth, HiLo, UNC/UNF, double-start, triple-start

All drive types, e.g.:

  • PZ
  • PH
  • TX
  • Slot
  • Combi-slot and special solutions such as safety drives

All common head types

  • From a wire diameter of 0.6 mm (micro-screws)
  • Up to M30 x 1000
  • End processing: Shank slots, oval half dog point, coned half dog point, long dog point or other as required
  • Recutting

All galvanic processings are possible:

  • galvanised (CrVI-free, RoHS-conform)
  • nickel-plated
  • chromatised
  • Delta-Tone and Seal
  • Dacromet, Geomet etc.
  • according to automotive and electrical industry specifications (VDA standard)
  • Thread locks
  • Thread seals (e.g. Tuflok, ScotchGrip, Precote, Loctite, wax coatings)
  • Samples according to VDA , PPAP on request

All common:

  • Annealing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Drawing
  • Tempering
  • Case hardening
  • Others on request
  • Small and medium quantities (e.g. 1,000 pieces)
  • Large quantities

Available for first sampling:

  • Standard ISIR as cover sheet sampling
  • VDA Volume 2 Level 0-3
  • PPAP Level 1-3.
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