Self-drilling screws are excellently suited for fast screwing of sectional sheets to steel substructures.

Self-drilling screws according to DIN 7504 – drilling, thread cutting and screwing in one action

Self-drilling screws have a hardened tip (partly with wings and ribs) which drill into various substructures – even steel. There is no need to pre-drill tap holes. Self-drilling screws are suitable for fast screwing of sectional sheets to steel substructures for example. Drilling, thread cutting and screwing in one action – all in up to 12 mm thick steel!

  • DIN 7504: Self-drilling screws with tapping screw thread or wings and ribs

Self-drilling screws are manufactured in double-stroke technique on cold forming presses.

The hardened, partly winged tip drills a hole in the steel structure. The following tapping screw thread immediately cuts a metric thread into the resulting hole. The screw connection can be undone again later.

Time-saving assembly of sections on a steel substructure without pre-drilling and without nuts

Metalwork, mechanical engineering, automotive industry and similar

a. Materials
Steel, case-hardened and quenched and tempered steels, high-grade steel

c. Thread types
Tapping screw thread

e. Head types
Countersunk head, pan head, hexagon head etc.

h. Surfaces
All common: galvanised (CrVI-free, RoHS-conform), nickel-plated, chromatised, Delta-Tone and Seal, Dacromet, Geomet etc. according to automotive and electrical industry specifications (VDA standard)

i. Coatings
Thread locks, thread seals (e.g. Tuflok, ScotchGrip, Precote, Loctite, wax coatings).
Samples according to VDA , PPAP on request

l. Documentations
Available on demand for first sampling: Standard ISIR as cover sheet sampling; VDA Volume 2 Level 0-3; PPAP Level 1-3.

Self-tapping screws
Thread tapping screws
Thread rolling screws for metal

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