Special screws from OEB : cold extrusion parts, turned and milled parts, recutting of screws, reduced shank screws, micro screws, heavy screws – various dimensions, materials, head shapes and other specifications can be realized on request.

OEB Special Fasteners according to international standards – and also beyond the standard limits

Special screws, special bolts, Pipelines with flanged tubes
Special screws for hydraulic cylinders

OEB special screws are used in a wide variety of environments, e.g. in flange connections for pipelines and in hydraulic cylinders. Photo credit: sergeyryzhov und cherezoff (iStock)

Special Fasteners for your individual requirements

You need special Fasteners that are not listed anywhere, because they haven´t been produced yet? You want to flexibly combine some of these requirements in one (new) type of fastening:

  • Smaller or bigger diameters and thread sizes
  • Specific lengths and thread lengths
  • A specific head type combined with a specific drive
  • Specific hardness classes or alloy steels
  • … or even more qualities or specifications

We manufacture and supply special fasteners for these industries, among others:

We manufacture and supply various special fasteners made of special steels and alloys, such as 316 and 316L stainless steel, or Hastelloy, especially for these applications or industries:

  • Automotive
  • Electronic industries
  • Industrial plants and power plants
    • Chemical industries
    • Oil and gas exploration and production
    • Turbine control systems
    • Wind energy plants
  • Mechanical engineering, plant construction
    • Dump-pulps
    • Cooling systems
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Hydraulic cylinder
    • Pneumatic piston cylinders
    • Pneumatic control units
    • PS Gate valve
    • Control valves
  • Production of musical instruments
  • Sanitary industry
  • Solar technology

A brief overview of our special fasteners

Fasteners manufactured as turned and milled parts or mechanically reworked from:

  • Steel fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts, threaded rods, rivets, set screws, self tapping metal screws)
  • 10.9 bolts, 8.8 bolts, A307 bolts etc.
  • 316 and 316L stainless steel fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts, threaded rods, rivets, set screws)
  • Hastelloy fasteners (bolts, screws)
  • Brass Fasteners (screws, rivets, bolts, nuts, threaded inserts)

Most common types of our special fasteners:

Connecting parts of an oil pump flanged with special bolts from stainless steel

Oil industry: Connecting parts of an oil pump flanged with special bolts from stainless steel. Photo credit: Nordroden (iStock)

Otto Eichhoff GmbH & Co. KG (OEB) in Lüdenscheid/Germany has been a special screw manufacturer for over 100 years. During this time, we have built up a wealth of know-how in the field of fastening technology and, in parallel, a comprehensive knowledge of the market and the relevant industry. In the field of standard screws we are wholesalers. Our market continuity gives you maximum safety for your projects!

Special screws from OEB – Turned parts, Milled parts, Cold forged items, machined screws

There are different ways to produce special screws. Here are some examples of OEB custom bolts:

We believe: The dialogue is becoming more and more important in technical innovations!

In the beginning there is always the idea.

The sharing of ideas among several specialists is the number one factor for success, especially in view of increasing technical complexity! In other words: When smart minds talk to each other, that is still the highest level of communication!

The professional conversation in due time

  • assists with feasibility studies/manufacturability analysis
  • saves time in finding solutions
  • gives you the security to make the right technical and at the same time economical decision

Available from us: Initial sampling according to VDA, PPAP, etc. for customer-specific articles in smaller and larger quantities

Fasteners are three-dimensional – at least!

Fastening technology depends on an extremely large number of parameters, and there is a wide variety of solutions that can hardly be surveyed.

That is why we recommend that you involve us as a solution provider as early in the planning and design phase.

Whether products are simpler and less expensive or more complex and demanding – the connectivity is often affected as well. This opens up further opportunities for product optimization. We would be happy to contribute our know-how at this ” gateway “!

Therefore: We are looking forward to your questions, we are looking forward to new challenges and we are proud if we could support our valued customers effectively!

Products – technical data

Cold formed parts: Forming is done on extrusion presses without heating, single-stage or multi-stage, for solid parts as well as hollow parts. Screws and bolts in double and multi-stage.

We produce turned parts on our precision automatic lathes and milled parts on our CNC-controlled automatic milling machines

In machining finishing, material is removed from a raw blank in a targeted manner in order to change the shape in detail. For screws for particularly tight tolerances, we remove a thin layer of the surface.

Cost-effective production as cold formed parts for batch sizes from 30,000 pieces. Also suitable as blanks for further machining into special parts. All products are sorted to suit automatic machines on request. Criteria and PPM values can be defined together.

  • Vast varieties in geometries
  • High complexity
  • Manufactured according to requirements
  • Favorable unit prices

Flanged bolts, parts with shoulder, internally threaded parts, externally threaded parts, special bolts, stepped bolts

For automotive industry, chemical industry, electrical industry, power plants, mechanical and plant engineering, musical instrument manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, oil and gas production, sanitary industry, solar technology, wind energy and others.

All common materials. Steel, special steels and alloys such as CrNiMo steels or Hastelloy, A2 and A4 stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and other light metals

Thread types
All common thread types

Drives and recesses
All common. PZ – PH – TX – Slot – Combined slots as well as special solutions, e.g. Single use drive

Head types
All common

Additional works
Finish machining: shank slotting, shoulder tip, shoulder point, tenon or other as required

All common. Galvanized (CrVI-free, RoHS-compliant), nickel-plated, chromated, Delta-Tone and Seal, Dacromet, Geomet etc. according to the specifications of the automotive and electrical industry (VDA standard).

Thread lockers, thread sealants (e.g. Tuflok, ScotchGrip, Precote, Loctite, wax coatings).

Heat treatments
All common. Annealing, carbonitriding, tempering, heat treatment, case hardening. Other on request

All possible documentation for initial sampling is available on demand: Standard Initial sample reports as cover sheet sampling, VDA Volume 2 Level 1 and 2, PPAP Level 1-3.

Turned and milled parts

Screws according to drawing

Threaded bolts

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