Fasteners production – with qualified employees and modern machines

OEB has been a manufacturer of screws and fasteners since 1919. In the course of globalization, we have also become a screw wholesaler. Nevertheless, we still have our own screw production especially for special screws.  

With our dedicated and qualified employees we produce and deliver millions of fasteners every day for our demanding customers.

Precision and performance

Our screws and fasteners are manufactured with state-of-the-art presses, rolling machines, automatic lathes, automatic punching machines as well as automatic wire bending machines. This allows us maximum flexibility and a high delivery capacity.

After screw production, the individual items are cleaned and sorted in our fully automatic washing plant.

Subsequent inspections and tests ensure consistent quality of all items.

Short-term realization on modern and modular machines

Our motivated and well-trained staff implements your wishes and requirements within a short time on our modern and modular machinery. We manufacture large, medium and small series for your individual requirements.

Parallel to the screw production, we also produce turned and milled parts, wire bending parts, stamped parts and punched bending parts.

Our production facilities

We have the following manufacturing facilities:

  • Double punch presses
  • Thread rolling machines
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Eccentric presses
  • Post-processing machines
  • Automatic lathes
  • Automatic punching press
  • Straighteners
  • Automatic wire bending machines
  • as well as various other machines and equipment.
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