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Turned parts for direct screwing.

Turned parts for direct screwing

The economic adjustment to small batch sizes, we meet with our turned parts for the direct assembly in plastics and die-cast products. Any thread forms such as, thread-tapping (DIN7500), thread cutting (DIN 7513-7516) or KTG for direct screw in plastics are realized cost-effectively.

Advantage is the elimination of high tooling costs, since no counter-thread in the workpiece (eg threaded inserts, nuts, etc.) is required because the direct assembly takes place directly into the workpiece. Only a given tube is required in order to screw it directly.

Our turned parts replace previously cold formed parts used (so-called multi-station presses) which require high output volumes in order to achieve a reasonable price parts.

Our turned parts we supply in the following materials:

  • Machining steel (11SMn30Pb)
  • CuZn–alloys
  • Stainless steel A2–1.4301
  • Aluminium

All galvanical operations are also possible.

Possible dimensions:

Rd. 2 mm up to Rd. 10 mm.

Lengths: 8-160 mm bzw. on request.


Turned parts for direct screwing

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