OEB Lüdenscheid, the specialist for fastening technology

OEB is your competent and reliable partner for the production and distribution of high-quality fasteners, turned parts, stamped parts, pressed parts, cold-formed parts, screws and nuts according to DIN or drawings.

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Delivery program

Together with our partners, we supply both standard parts and customer-specific fasteners based on drawings and samples.


Optimal service through quality management: The key to OEB’s success lies in the ability to flexibly manufacture and deliver products.


Tradition that connects: Industrial customers can handle all of their connection technology needs through OEB.

High demands on fasteners are our strength. You can get customer-specific special screws and drawing parts from OEB from a single source.

Our know-how – your plus in efficiency and speed

This is Otto Eichhoff (OEB) in Lüdenscheid: technical sales in connection with our own production. We offer you comprehensive know-how that simplifies and speeds up your ordering processes!

Challenge: The rear spoiler must extend and retract depending on the speed. The enormous force exerted by wind load and the mechanical resistance must be permanently absorbed by the drive. Photo credit: Brandon Woyshnis (iStock)

Solution: OEB stainless steel axle with longitudinal grooves according to customer specifications, manufactured as a turned part (own photo)

As a fastener supplier, we are the partner for your strategic purchasing

  • Your individual fastener requirements from a single source: standard parts and special parts
  • Short response times
  • Quick procurement
  • Individual warehousing
  • Adaptation to your purchasing system

As a specialist in connection technology, we are the partner for your production

  • Advice and support for your construction
  • Sampling according to VDA, PPAP and other standards
  • Own quality management
  • We are manufacturers of special screws, turned and milled parts, bent wire parts, stamped parts, etc.

OEB has evolved from a simple manufacturer to a problem solver. We have adapted to the requirements of the market. This means for you: We will have the parts you need individually – at a competitive price!

What OEB can do for you

Screws and fasteners with manufacturer know-how

Since 1919 OEB – Otto Eichhoff in Lüdenscheid – has been a manufacturer of screws and other fasteners. To this day, we still produce some special screws, turned and milled parts, stamped parts, stamped-bent parts and wire-bent parts ourselves at the Lüdenscheid site. In this way, we retain a certain flexibility and many other options, such as being able to produce prototypes ourselves.

On this basis, we advise and support you from the very first questions about product development – technically and in all commercial matters.



OEB standard screws: metric screws, thread-forming screws and sheet metal screws – various designs and surfaces

Together with our partners, we supply both standard parts and customized fasteners according to drawings and samples. Thanks to our manufacturer know-how, we know exactly what is important in internal/external production in order to obtain the required quality cost-effectively and on schedule.

Our warehouse is also customer-specific: there are almost exclusively the screws/fasteners that our customers currently require in the ordered quantity.

OEB-Mehrstufenteile | Cold formed fasteners

Customized OEB special bolts, manufactured as multi-punch-parts, partly with mechanical finishing and different surface coatings.

  • Customized thread-forming screws for direct screwing in metals and plastics (with utility model protection)
  • For every thread form
  • Machining post-processing of delivered screws
  • Turned and milled parts with the highest precision
  • Stamped parts, stamped and bent parts
  • Bent wire parts

OEB-Sonderschrauben aus Drehteilen: Spezial-Schraubenköpfe, Gewinde, Nuten etc. – alles nach Kundenspezifikation

What we supply:

  • Full range of screws, fasteners and all special products from one source
  • Standard and special screws, drawing parts
  • Quality at competitive prices
  • Small, medium and large series, pilot series

Our customers equally appreciate our qualified advice when it comes to cold extrusion parts (cold formed parts, multi-stage parts) as well as machining and forming for customer-specific items. We have the know-how for larger and smaller quantities.

Production sizes: We supply fasteners, depending on the dimensions and the weight of use, from 50,000 pieces as cold-formed parts to be produced at favorable prices. We produce smaller batch sizes, e.g. on our automatic lathes, also at favorable unit prices.


On demand OEB offers initial sampling according to VDA standards, or Pre-Production approval samples as PPAP or also individual sampling as well as inspection and acceptance documentation. Our focus is always on the requirements of our customers when it comes to economic efficiency, quality and sustainability.

OEB-Drahtbiegeteile | OEB Bent Wire Parts

Wire bending parts manufactured by OEB

  • Automotive (Tier 1–3)
  • Construction industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Exploration and production of oil and gas
  • Household appliances
  • Industrial plants
  • Power plants
  • Aerospace industry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Furniture fittings
  • Musical instrument manufacturing
  • Commercial vehicle industry
  • Sanitary industry
  • Solar technology
  • Wind energy
OEB-Stanzteile und Stanzbiegeteile | OEB stamped parts and stamped bent parts

Stamped parts and stamped bent parts produced by OEB

Last not least: We see good cooperation with our valued business partners as the basis for mutual success. Try our special service so that we can prove it!

Your advantages with OEB

  • Highest quality standards
  • Best possible delivery reliability
  • Competent customer advice
  • Constructive support for our customers
  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015
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