We supply all common screw and thread types, all drive types and surfaces. A speciality of ours are metric screws according to drawing or sample.

Metric screws from specialists

New: Metric screws available at SHORT TERM (Order quantity > 50,000 PCS)

Metric screws have a metric ISO thread with a 60° flank angle. They come in pairs with screw and nut. We supply and produce metric standard threads and fine threads. We specialise in materials steel, case-hardened and quenched and tempered steels, high-grade steels, brass, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Our speciality is the production of metric screws according to drawing or sample.

We have all common screw types with metric threads including nuts and washers on stock:

  • DIN 84: Slotted cheese head screws (ISO 1207)
  • DIN 85: Slotted pan head screws
  • DIN 125-126: Washers
  • DIN 127-137: Spring lock washers and washers
  • DIN 417: Slotted set screws
  • DIN 439: Hexagon nuts
  • DIN 466-467: Knurled nuts
  • DIN 551, 553: Slotted set screws
  • DIN 557-562: Square nuts
  • DIN 580-582: Ring nuts, lifting eye bolts
  • DIN 603-608: Cup head bolts, countersunk bolts
  • DIN 653: Knurled thumb screws
  • DIN 833-835: Studs
  • DIN 906-910: Pipe plugs
  • DIN 912: Hexagon socket head cap screws (Iseka)
  • DIN 913-916: Hexagon socket set screws (Iseka)
  • DIN 928-929: Weld nuts
  • DIN 931-933: Hexagon head bolts
  • DIN 934: Hexagon nuts
  • DIN 960-961: Hexagon head bolts
  • DIN 980, 982, 986: Hexagon nuts, self-locking
  • DIN 1587: Cap nuts
  • DIN 6796-6799: Conical spring washers, serrated lock washers
  • DIN 6912: Hexagon socket head cap screws
  • DIN 7649: Washers
  • DIN 7985: Cross recessed raised cheese head screws
  • DIN 7991: Hexagon socket countersunk head cap screws
  • DIN 9021: Washers
  • DIN 34817: Weld screws

We manufacture your special forms as cold extrusion parts or turned parts.

Metric screws are manufactured in double-stroke technique on cold forming presses (up to M24 x 650 mm, above by hot forming). On request according to drawing or sample.

All common sizes, drives, materials and surfaces from one supplier. Special sizes and shapes according to drawing or sample – also from us.

Mechanical engineering, automotive industry, electrical industry, telecommunications industry, etc.

a. Materials
Steel, case-hardened and quenched and tempered steels, high-grade steels; brass, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals

c. Thread types
All common

d. Drive types
All common: PZ – PH – TX – slot – combi-slot and special solutions such as safety drives

e. Head types
All common

g. Additional processings
End processing

h. Surfaces
All common: galvanised (CrVI-free, RoHS-conform), nickel-plated, chromatised, Delta-Tone and Seal, Dacromet, Geomet etc. according to automotive and electrical industry specifications (VDA standard)

i. Coatings
Thread locks, thread seals (e.g. Tuflok, ScotchGrip, Precote, Loctite, wax coatings).
Samples according to VDA , PPAP on request

j. Heat treatment
All common: Annealing, carbonitriding, drawing, tempering, case hardening. Others on request

l. Documentations
Available on demand for first sampling: Standard ISIR as cover sheet sampling; VDA Volume 2 Level 0-3; PPAP Level 1-3.

Thread rolling screws for metal according to DIN 7500
Cold extrusion parts
Turned and milled parts

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