Optimum support and stability for electromechanical components.

Spacers, spacer bolts and sleeves

You can give electromechanical components optimum support and stability with the products in this range. We supply you with spacers as well as spacer bolts and sleeves made of metal materials, plastics and metal/plastic combinations for applications in a large number of branches of industry. With us you will find spacer bolts with metric and self-tapping threads. You can choose between different designs, materials and coatings. Our non-conductive plastic spacers are temperature resistant and specifically designed for mounting on printed circuit boards.

Spacers, spacer bolts, spacer sleeves

Spacers, spacer bolts and spacer sleeves are manufactured on precision lathes. Plastic products are manufactured on injection molding machines.

Metal: hexagon up to max. SW27 (possibly also larger possible), round up to max. Ø 32 mm (possibly larger also possible). Max. part length 550 mm.
Plastic: hexagon up to max. SW17, round up to max. Ø 20 mm. Max. part length 500 mm.

Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, lead-free brass, polyamide 6.0 GV25%, polyamide 6.6, polystyrene, Makrolon, other plastics. All materials lead-free possible.

Thread versions
– external thread
– inner thread
– internal/internal thread
– internal/external thread
– male/male thread
– with snap closure

All common. In addition, sub-copper and nickel plating, chemical nickel, sliding coating and sealing, anodizing, common passivation processes, gold plating, adhesive and clamp coating.

Thread forms
metric, UNC, self-tapping

Additional edits
Turning (turning) the fit, cross bore, cross thread, special thread, with slot, knurling, milling of different materials, pressing of different materials.

Test procedure
Coating thickness measurement (FischerScope), production and testing of various roughness values, micrographs and corrosion protection tests are possible on request.

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