Standardized self-clinching fasteners for a stable and permanent connection in sheet metal

Self-clinching fasteners for detachable fastenings in sheet metal processing

Self-clinching fasteners are standard parts that provide sheet metal components with detachable fastening elements. The Self-clinching fasteners are inserted into a receiving hole in the workpiece. The mounting hole is slightly smaller than the standard part to be used.

A special press-in machine is then used to apply targeted pressure to the fastener to be pressed in. Due to the pressure, the depressed part moves the material into the area of the receiving hole.

Due to this cold forming, the displaced material is pressed into a prepared undercut in the shank area of the connecting element. To prevent the Self-clinching fasteners from twisting, it either has a special head shape or a serration. These connections also withstand extreme loads.

  • self-clinching nuts
  • self-clinching bolts
  • miniature self-clinching nuts
  • self-clinching threaded bolts
  • quick release screws
  • self-clinching standoffs
  • flare nuts
  • flare hex sockets
  • flared round bushings
  • flare standoffs
  • self-clinching contact flags
  • self-clinching nuts
  • self-clinching spacers
  • self-clinching threaded bolts
  • self-clinching rivet bushes
  • self-clinching threaded bushes
  • self-clinching spacers
  • flare bushings
  • Heavy-duty threads in thin sheet metal
  • Low assembly costs due to time savings through rational assembly
  • Process reliability due to constant strength values
  • High turning and pulling torques
  • High positional accuracy
  • Exact perpendicularity to the sheet metal
  • Installation also possible with coated surfaces
  • The sheet metal surface remains undamaged
  • No rework required

Sheet metal processing, automotive industry, electrical/electronic device construction, mechanical and plant engineering

Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass.

Thread sizes
Depending on the article from M2 to M12.

Bare, zinc-plated, nickel-plated, electro-galvanically tin-plated, passivated.

Also available with automotive documentation (PPAP) on request.

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